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The Women’s Museum of Marrakech and its partners work together in a unique and collaborative philanthropic alliance to educate and inspire the public and alumnae members about the Museum and its mission.

Through active participation in national and local philanthropic efforts, our partners impact lasting change and help contribute to the Museum’s innovative educational programs. 


The Women’s Museum of Marrakech warmly thanks the donors of the campaign “Together, to create the Women’s Museum! “.

If the museum exists today, it’s thanks to you!

  • Kelly Medford
  • Birgit Dreesen
  • Mary Fogarty
  • Nathalie Lefebvre
  • Dominique Godefroy
  • Anne Bitner
  • Rabii Alouani Bibi
  • Randa Krieche
  • Vianette Privat et Daniel Privat
  • Therese Rambourt et Michel Rambaurt
  • Rabbit Guides
  • Rivat Pascal
  • JeanPierre Ravachol
  • Véronique et Christian Dugast
  • Arnaud Martin
  • Irma Blumstock et Gritt Blumstock
  • Louise Gmd
  • Françoise et Jackie Arrivée
  • Ingrid Tijs
  • Missy Mills
  • Gerarda carolina Mulder
  • Angelika Diekmann
  • Anna Dünnebier
  • Radisson Blue Hotel Marrakech
  • Club Agora 3 Marrakech